Traditional Tastes and flavours and perfumes of the great Collio Wines

“Chambord Vintner” wine cellarWine cultivation and production history, lost in the night of time, made itself known as the millenniums accompanying the progress of our civilisation enfolded. Wine, nature’s inimitable gift, besides being a fascinating excuse for friends to get together and chat, is an unsubstitutable complement to gastronomy.

Tasting wine, instead, means fathoming its flavour, savouring it, perceiving its perfume, colours, understanding its personality, evoking the thoughts and love of those who, through their passion, contributed to creating it.
When you come round to see us you’ll find .... Wine! We really are vintners!! A list of wines rich in surprises to accompany your cheese with unceasingly new flavours, canapés with the best hams or sophisticated smoked cold cuts. Wine is not only to be drunk... it has to be smelled, observed, tasted, sipped. You will speak about it in an ancient setting, where the perfume of roses and of France’s fleurs-de-lis - (this is where the descendants of Charles X of Bourbon king of France lived) - still waft.

“Chambord Vintner” wine cellar
The “Chambord Vintner” wine cellar & bar arranges events for the purpose of discovering new producers - whether known or emerging - and tasting their wine proposals. Thus we hope to tantalise your appetite when time comes for your aperitif, to help you to accompany a fanciful meal, or conclude a cheerful evening.



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