The Palace which housed the French Royal Court for years
The Strassoldo Family’s sixteenth century palace, one of the most ancient and best known throughout Friuli, rises in present-day Piazza S. Antonio, formerly Schönhaus, on the first, southern slopes of the hill of Gorizia castle.
From XVII to XIX Century
During the XVII century the palace was restructured and refurbished. Subsequently, during the last quarter of the XVIII century, an extension was added, which brought forth the building’s line up level with the nearby home in Piazza Cavour. Space inside, the building’s size and prospectus were modified, thus assuming the typical features of the eighteenth century mode. Inside, at the centre of the court, there was a round lawn and a well. All this, nowadays, is still very well preserved.
The noble mansion is immersed in an atmosphere of sophisticated tranquillity, the main prospectus consists of a small central attic with three windows, on its sides; two pilaster strips support a gable inside which the family’s coat of arms is set.

The sober prospectus has a relevant dimensional impact if it is considered in comparison with the space before it. Here, during the first decades of the XIX century , after what remained of the ancient walls of the old Franciscan convent were knocked down, a special scenario was inserted given by a colonnade which still embraces the three sides of Piazza S. Antonio.
On the ground floor, the wide lobby was frescoed with marble-like decorations, two columns of which are still preserved. The palace’s noble floor comprised 15 rooms, which could be reached through the square-shaped, four-flight sixteenth century staircase, situated on the left side of the entrance.
Particular of the entrance
Arrival of the French Royals
Sixteenth Century Staircase
In the autumn of the third decade of the XIX century this Palace and the town of Gorizia, then reputed to be “Austria’s Nice”, witnessed a historical event that was known far and wide throughout Europe: Charles X of Bourbon, king of France, arrived in town, and the French Royal Court settled in Strassoldo Palace. Following the old king’s death, Louis Anthony, duke of Angoulême, accepted the royal title as count of Marnes. Strassoldo Palace thus became the meeting place for several French guests, among whom were the legitimists, who acknowledged this family as true heirs to the French throne.
The Royals actively participated in the town’s cultural and worldly activities, and their busy lives went by in official audiences and private receptions arranged for foreign guests or Gorizia citizens.
Strassoldo Palace’s halls housed artistic events, among which the Venetian pianist Enrico Angeli’s concert, which took place in October 1843. Mary Thérèse Charlotte, duchess of Angoulême (called Madame Royale), lived in the corner room on the first floor between the square and the garden, which she would reach directly from her flats. After the final farewell to her husband - Louis Anthony, duke of Angoulême, he too buried beside Charles X in the nearby Castagnevizza convent, in the church’s crypt - Madame Royale transferred her residence to Austria. With the Bourbons’ departure from Gorizia, an epoch ended also for the Palace, that would have soon welcomed the original proprietors, and members of the Strassoldo family.
Today the sophistication of this unique place wisely mixes with the elegant and discreet service provided by a charming hotel.
Strassoldo family coat of arms


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